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We provide full service solar electric system installations and quality repairs in the greater Sacramento Valley region.

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We provide full service solar hot water system installations in the greater Sacramento Valley region.

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Solar Hot Water

Also known as Solar Domestic Hot Water (SDHW) Solar Hot Water systems are kind of the “no brainer” of solar. They offer substantially lower cost than typical solar electric systems while reducing green house gas emissions similar to solar electric. They’re easy to install and you’ll start seeing savings right away. Once you see how good you feel with your solar hot water system, you’ll be looking for other ways to reduce your use of utility energy.

SDHW details

This is the hot water system for domestic use such as showers, washing clothes, washing dishes, etc. In California's central valley a properly sized SDHW system will generate about 70% of the annual hot water needs of a typical family. The remaining 30% is heated by a backup heating source. The backup heater may be the gas or electric water heater you already have.

Switching from an electric water heater.

If you are currently heating your hot water with an electric water heater you should seriously consider switching to solar. You'll save a substantial amount of money and you can sometimes get the project done with no money out of pocket.

Switching from a natural gas or propane water heater.

You may be currently heating your home's water with natural gas or propane. By switching to solar, you can save substantially over the life of your new SDHW system.

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