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Solar in Sacramento County

Solar Resource:

Sacramento county has excellent solar resources (lots of sunshine.)


Electricity: Most of the electricity in the county is served from Sacramento Municipal Utilities District (SMUD). SMUD rates are lower than most other utilities in the state as of 2012.

Natural Gas: The area is served by PG&E for natural gas.


SMUD has fairly high solar electric rebates, especially for residential.

They also offer up to a $1,500 rebate for solar hot water where the existing water heater is electric. If you're existing hot water is natural gas, there is no rebate.

The federal tax credit applies to solar electric and solar hot water installs, regardless of current hot water heaters or any other conditions.


As a way to encourage solar electric systems in the community many cities in the county will issue solar electric building permits at no cost.

Other info:

Solar Hot Water has a fast payback, especially if you currently have an electric water heater.

Many solar electric installs can be cash-positive from day one.

Either type of system will save you a large amount of money in the long term.